His name is Archie, and even though he’s orange, he is named after Archie Bunker – not Archie from the comic books.

He’s the VP of Smiles and has been known to help crack some grins in studio while wearing a goofy hat and sitting patiently on top of a step.

Vintage Duck Photography’s name was inspired by seven week old Archie and his first rubber duck that came home with him from the breeder.  It was love at first sight and a dog model was born.

When Archie’s not busy being a test subject for his mom’s studio lights, he enjoys playing with his best bud Leonard and eating as many sticks as he can at the lake. Thanks to some help from his Auntie Christy’s advertising career, he’s been featured on billboards, websites, online ads and even on a bathroom door sign in Huntington Beach.

His favourite word is Ogopogo. We don’t know why.