Hi there!

You may have seen my work with Vintage Duck in many ways. From her website to her logo and online ads, I’m the one behind all the graphic design.

Jessica will sometimes call me in with trickier photoshop jobs like composite work, or changing the position of a baby’s leg to hide a private part!

You may get to meet me on the busy mini-session marathons where it always helps to have another hand.

If you have a special request for a photo collage or would like text put on top of it, please request it through Jessica and we can make it happen.

I also create most of the live floral headpieces you will see in her portfolio. If you would like one, let us know! Some samples are below.

Outside of the world of VDP and working full time as an art director, I am a mom to two little girls! I also try to spend most of my time in the outdoors. I’m an avid fisherwoman and traveller. I don’t like being bored in the slightest, and always have an extra project or ten on the go. My current ongoing projects include exercising, knitting, building things out of wood, and the Alberta Lake Logo Project.

You can visit my website here.


Christy Forsythe

I love creating custom live floral headpieces! Here are a few I’ve done.

Contact Jessica if you’d like one for your special photo shoot.